Month: October 2019

flawlessly u event

Flawlessly U Campaign celebrates the beauty of Hardworking Women

Last July 10, 2019, Flawlessly U launched the #NotAPrincess Still Flawless campaign in XX XX, Makati City. The venue was transformed into a live gallery that evokes thoughts and emotions regarding the more common perception of beauty, before leading up to the introduction of Flawlessly U’s new campaign and its accompanying video. “ can get

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There is beauty in strength, perseverance, and doing one’s best. Flawlessly U, a beauty brand under Splash Corporation, shines the spotlight on the beauty that radiates from everyday hardworking women.  These women prove that no matter what they go through, they can still be flawless. Flawlessly U launched the #NotAPrincess Still flawless campaign recently. The brand’s latest video showed that

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In woman there is also strength

Women are often underestimated because of the way they look or the way they act. A girl’s physique may be frail or fragile-looking, but this shouldn’t stop them from overcoming the demands of a male-dominated industry. The beauty brand’s variety of whitening, smoothing and moisturizing products. Beauty brand Flawlessly U encourages this mindset. The company

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