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Women are often underestimated because of the way they look or the way they act. A girl’s physique may be frail or fragile-looking, but this shouldn’t stop them from overcoming the demands of a male-dominated industry.

The beauty brand’s variety of whitening, smoothing and moisturizing products.

Beauty brand Flawlessly U encourages this mindset. The company under Splash Corp. recently launched the #NotAPrincess. Still Flawless campaign that champions how women can handle any situation no matter how hard or dirty the job.

SPLASH Corp. team alongside Blu, Tricia and Elysse.

The audio-visual campaign showcases women engaged in different occupations but not typical ones — as a firefighter, mechanic, garbage collector, graffiti artist, farmer, football player, boxer and soldier.

EMPOWERED ladies sharing stories from their experiences.

At the campaign’s formal introduction, three of such uncommon ladies faced the media: Airline pilot Blu Pingoy, educator Tricia Torres and race car driver Elysse Menorca.
Blu, Tricia and Elysse talked about their journey in a world dominated by men, the criticism and judgement they experienced in such places and how they overcame it and let their work do the talking.

They shared inspiring messages to those brave enough to go against the norm to pursue their passions; that it’s okay to immerse oneself in a man’s world and that if they choose to do so, they will do it flawlessly and gracefully if they just put their hearts in it.

females can still be flawless even if they are sweaty and tired from a hard day’s work.

Blu, Tricia and Elysse are embodiments of a strong, independent woman in these times. They are living proof that females can still be flawless even if they are sweaty and tired from a hard day’s work; that they are #NotAPrincess Still Flawless.

With hard-working women come hard-working products from Flawlessly U. The beauty brand offers a variety of products good for whitening, smoothing and moisturizing coming in different variants for face and body: Papaya and Calamansi, Green Papaya and Calamansi, and Kojic and Glutathione.

For more information, visit Flawlessly U’s facebook account, @OfficialFlawlesslyU.

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