Orange Papaya vs. Green Papaya: How Do They Really Whiten the Skin?

Orange Papaya vs. Green Papaya How Do They Really Lighten the Skin optimized

Most of the time, it’s what’s inside that matters. When it comes to green papayas versus orange papayas, is there really a difference, then? You may be surprised to know that there is!

While orange papayas are staples in many Philippine households, both in the kitchen ready to be eaten and in beauty and cosmetic products as a skin whitening agent, green papaya is its relatively lesser known sibling. While papain is present in both green and orange papayas, it is more abundant under the skin of green papayas, making green papayas more potent when it comes to skin whitening powers.

Although green and orange papaya are effective at skin whitening, they have different effects on your skin. Read on to find out how green and orange papaya work.

How Do Papayas Whiten the Skin?

Papaya, both orange and green, is a popular ingredient in skin whitening products because it contains the enzyme papain which helps promote skin renewal and cell turnover. This helps exfoliate the skin, removing the darker outer layer and revealing a layer of newer skin cells which are lighter and fairer in color. It also has restorative properties that help soften and smoothen the skin.

Who Should Use Orange Papaya?

Orange papaya helps promote healthy and smoother skin. Apart from removing dead skin cells, the papain in orange papaya is effective at removing dry and flaky skin.

Our Orange Papaya Calamansi line of products, which includes soap, cleanser, lotion, and deodorant, is perfect for those looking for smoother and fairer skin. It works best on people with naturally fair skin who are looking to even out their skin tone, get rid of blemishes, and get a naturally radiant skin. And because our Orange Papaya Calamansi soap is our only product with Vitamin E, it helps moisturize your skin, leaving it softer and younger looking skin.

Who Should Use Green Papaya?

In a nutshell, green papaya is simply an unripe papaya.

Green papaya products, such as our Flawlessly U Green Papaya Calamansi line which includes soap, cleanser, and lotion, is useful for those looking to have noticeable whiter skin in just seven days due to the powerful and quick natural whitening action of the green papaya.

Flawlessly U offers a wide range of products such as cleansers, deodorants, soaps, and lotions containing both orange and green papaya to help you achieve flawless, fair skin naturally. Our popular whitening products contain both papaya and calamansi extracts to further boost the whitening capabilities of our natural ingredients so you get fairer and smoother skin in just 7 days. Try it for yourself and see the difference!

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